Thursday, December 6, 2012

John McAfee arrested for entering Guatemala Illegally

Tech Giant John McAfee is arrested in Guatemala for entering that country illegally, nice to know that at least they enforce their illegal immigration laws, compared to the US, so far he managed to get a lawyer in Guatemala and we will see what the outcome of this will be in Belize.

If he is to go back to Belize, is there a chance he could be murdered or "commit suicide" in other words, they can kill him and claim he committed suicide, won't be a surprise there in such a corrupt country such as this, he was repeatedly extorted as well.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

US won't follow Israel like a stupid mule

Are people waking up to the possibility of another war coming, before the end of 2013 the US will have no choice but to get in a war with other countries in the Middle East, especially after recent uprising in Egypt, again, and the issues between Israel and the Gaza strip, but war isn't here yet until Israel goes to war with Iran and if the United States does not stay out of that war, China, Russia and Syria will all have a war, thus world war 3. 

If the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected the turmoil in the Middle East will be a lot worse, and we all know that man has been looking for a war for as long as we can remember.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fox News Exposed For Taking The Republican Side

They claim to be a fair and balanced news net work but every reasonable open minded human knows that Fox News has always taken sides with the Republican party, and in this video, someone finally gives it to them like it is, but also look at how quickly the interview ended. Somebody finally hands it to the Fox Network and I bet they are wondering how did this guy slip through with out drinking the Koolaid.

The main issue at hand here is, has Fox News over-hyped the Benghazi, Libya story? or should we face the fact that 4 people were killed in this situation and show a little bit of respect, I mean why else would Fox play the political role in all of this? maybe they will finally drop the story as.

There have been a lot of death of Americans over-seas especially in the military, so there is a possibility that Fox News could have political motivation in this issue here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Did Egypt Make A Big Mistake In Choice Of New President?

It is just as many people have predicted, maybe choosing a Muslim Brotherhood president wasn't a great idea after all, after the Arab Spring, Egypt gave so many people around the world who are under dictactorship, so much hope and light into the new world and in hope that they may also have a chance to be able to choose their presidents from now on.

But now what we are seeing in Egypt could possibly be a hijacking of power, as the protesters of oppositions and now protesters loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood who are also infavor of the new Egyptian president, Mohammad Morsi.

This could be another Arab Spring, and we are waiting to see what will happened, will the Obama administration be in favor of another overthrow of this president? will the people continue to protest until Morsi is gone or will they disperse within a few days? that is what we will have to wait and see.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why is Israel Bombing Gaza?

We all know Israel is very powerful compared to Hamas, but honestly, we know if all heads were turned, Israel will wipe out its neighbors out of the face of the Earth, why you may ask? well simply because of different religious ideologies and America is the only one keeping things sane from here, surprisingly.

Countries are now calling for a ceasefire, which at this point, doesn't seem possible. As long as Israel is occupying the Palestinian land with their intimidating soldiers and their weapons the Gaza people will continue to be angered, I know I would be.

It is a shame that America claims Israel has a right to defend itself but yet, Israel is bombing children in Gaza and killing too many civilians and no one has yet tried to speak to Israel in a serious tone of voice. Egypt is having a little show off at the moment, but I doubt they will make a move, if anything, by sending their prime minister, all they were doing is showing off to give hope to the Palestinian people.  Egypt also moved their Ambassador out of Israel but that doesn't mean anything, Egypt expects a lot of help from America.

The only hope Gaza has for help right now is Iran and we all know Israel is waiting for Iran to act violently so they can go to war with Iran. Sudan also motions that they are ready to back Hamas in a war with Israel.

So bottom line is, if the Israel doesn't stop its aggression, the Middle East countries will be forced to act violently in order to defend their brother Hamas, and if that happens America and Nato will also have to step in. Everyone is attempting a second chance at ceasefire, but how long will this last? we will wait to find out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Could There Be More To Petraeus Scandal?

We all know the story already as it has been all over the mainstream media, but lets all look behind the story being sold to us, Petraeus isn't losing his job because of a sex scandal, especially when he was expected to testify before congress about the Benghazi attack in Libya, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans, and with this issue we are left with many puzzling questions, which everyone is trying their best to avoid and go around it.

The woman behind the sex scandal is Paula Broadwell, she was heard to say that the reason the attack in Benghazi happened because the Al Qaida men attacked the compound in Libya because they were attempting to free militants who were being detained by the CIA, but, the CIA denied her allegations.

We all know better than to expect the CIA to tell us anything, we can barely get the Obama administration to tell the truth or keep their story straight, we just hope that more will come to the light and I mean a lot more will be put out there, so that we may be made correctly aware of the situations and we want the truth told to us and not the washed down nit picked stories being told to us by the mainstream media.

Ask yourself, how does a man who can not lose his job for having a part in the mistake which got four Americans killed in Libya capable of losing his job over an affair, he is the head of the freaking CIA, we expect him to be more covert, he was basically caught with his pants down, how did FBI agents get access to his Gmail account? which he set up specifically so he can talk with his mistress, Paula Broadwell.

For the past year we have seen other corruptions, including former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Rep. Anthony Weiner. these types of maritial affair do not just stop at the entertainment industry, but they actually happen with people who hold high offices, within the US and other countries, and it could be just an act of human nature. Once you have money, and attention everywhere you go, its no wonder these things happen and it will continue to happen as long as the American people continue to vote in these type of politicians.

We shouldn't care about these peoples personal life, but when they abuse their powers to misuse tax payers money to do certain things that they shouldn't do, then that is when we as the people united, step in, we have seen in many different cases with politicians misusing public funds to support their mistresses or spending the money on vacation houses in other countries and locations, while people are starving in their city and are in the streets homeless, all because the people who we trust to put into high offices, are goofing all their jobs instead of creating jobs for the citizens, and people should not have to suffer under them.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How Does Obama Plan To Handle the Sex Scandles, Corruption & States Requesting Secession?

We predict that this will be a tough second term for Obama, especially since the Republicans counter act every move he makes just simply for different political views, but is Obama responding to issues and handling everything coming at him in a careful manner and with more attention to the issues being requested by the people?, we have people so far from 20 different states who have filed petitions to secede from the United States in a peaceful manner, whether this is a joke or not we may be seeing a serious issue at hands.

People are not correctly stating what it is their issues are, with the majority of the people moving on with their lives after the election, we still have this minority group of independent thinkers who demand actions be taken within the white house, but it could be the racist out there who are requesting to secede their states simply because they hate Obama and are not sure of his policies, with issues like the NDAA quietly making their way around the internet world and being ignored by the mainstream media, it is no wonder the public is not outraged, and not so much outraged over the NSA very personal searching procedures.

Other petitions were signed with people who are angered with the Federal Government and their tough laws over the state and unconstitutional ways of Governing the country, especially when it comes to issues like Marijuana and billions of dollars being spent on the war on drugs and thousands of people being turned into the criminal justice system just for being caught with a small amount of Marijuana a plant which gives users a high could either make it hard for them to ever find a job or ruin their chance at getting Federal student aid for college.

Iran practicing war games

Iran is still practicing war games days after attempting to shoot down a US war drone, will this lead to war? surely tentions are still rising and we will not see the end of this for sure, especially since we are now sure that Iran is indeed building Nuclear weapons and America and Israel will not let this go for the fear that Iran will use their Nuclear capability by going to war with their countries.

Syrians rebels requesting arms from the US

well it just seems we might be soon to arm the Syrian oppositions of Assad, we are already receiving hints that we will end up arming the rebels in Syria if we haven't already done so, with so many people having died since 2011. Assad who is backed by 80% of the people in his country mainly the minority Christians. I don't want to get into the fact of how other Islamic countries such as Qatar, Bahrain and Saudia Arabia actually think they can over throw Assad for being a dictactor who violates human rights when they don't have such clean records themselves, this could just be another witch hunt as we have seen in Libya and Egypt, and with so much outrage in Syria country it will be impossible for peace to ever return with so many people killed and others escaping across the boder into Turkey.

Sandy victims suffering in New Jersey and New York

150,000 people still with out powers, no home to go to and nothing to eat, people don't know where to go to get the help they are seeking and are being ignored by FEMA, it is a terrible situation, I have donated $500 dollars so far and it is the best I can do so far, but I have heard stories of people setting up fake donations websites and the money never get to help the people who need it the same we have seen with Amanda Todd, a 15 year old girl who committed suicide last month also had her name used for fake donations gain. It is best to say if you do plan on donating to any of the Sandy victims I recommend donating to Red-Cross or Fema, I called FEMA and asked for official donations websites that I can use because I don't believe in donating to mainstream charities like FEMA or Red-Cross as I do not trust any type of corruption.