Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did Gary Johnson Win The Debate Last Night?

Gary Johnson had the most cheers from the audience, If you hadn't seen it, it was a great debate and I watched it online, I was afraid of not having to get to see the third party debate, but it was the best. Twitter even lit up, we had hashtags such as %NowthatsAdebate and #thirdpartydebate, it seemed like people were trying to ignore the debates especially the mainstream media but it was still discovered my thousands of people who really enjoyed it.

Gary Johnson also included a very important fact at the end. It was about how people claim that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote, which is a great myth of course, A vote is A vote because you aren't wasting your vote but you are indeed proving a point and showing everyone who doesn't realize that there are other choices out there besides the two boring party that bring the same things.

Our debt is going up 4 billion dollars a day so it is very important that we choose carefully, some people are choosing Romney, rather than vote for A Third Party, they are afraid their votes won't get counted.

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