Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mitt Romney And Obama are A Tie...What Is Next?

Well as it seems less people are now decided and a lot of more people are joining Romney as well, although people are aren't even aware of the existence of other presidential candidates such as Libertarian Gary Johnson and Jill Stein who is member of the Green Party, it seems the only people funded by corporations and getting the most media attention could be the only people we will see having a chance at becoming president.

The race is close and tight and we are getting closer to finding out who will be chosen to be president this coming November for the next four years, but also we are looking forward to Tomorrow. on Monday we will see Obama and Mitt Romney go at it again only time will tell us what it is we will find out that is new and what will be discussed, we will also find out what new attacks they have come up with to destroy each other.

If you are still undecided that the internet is your best friend, there is so much out there that will explain who is who and what is who, who is lying or in this case who is the biggest liar.

All I can say is that everyone chooses carefully because the decision that we make this coming November will eventually affect our lives for the next four years, we will see if more jobs are created and if the middle class will truly survive.

Will Obama put us into more trouble within the next four years or if Mitt Romney is voted, will he continue to do the same, that is up to how we will vote.

I have  visited both Obama and Mitt Romney's website, I notice that Romney has a more detailed information down as far as foreign policy and everything else, Obama doesn't actually have any new information but the same ones and he is asking that if he is given more time he will getting us out of the current crisis, well all I have to say about Obama is, I doubt he's plans will be any different because I feel as if it's the same recycled ideas that are just asking for more time.

It is up to you and I ask all of you to choose carefully for you want as president, think carefully, because who you choose will affect our lives for the next four years. Thank you and have a nice afternoon.

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