Wednesday, October 10, 2012

US officials: We didn't link Libya attack to video

US officials: We didn't link Libya attack to video

This has got to be the biggest lie I have ever fucking heard in my life, Sorry for the language but seriously, I am angry that after weeks of Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice and Obama have went all over the news and told everyone that the terrorist attack was all because of an online YouTube video which it was obvious no one has ever seen. The video did not have that many YouTube views even after being mentioned all over the world, so what does this tell you? there is a lot of cover up going on here and I just wish someone would come out and tell us everything that is going on.

Americans have been lied to about what happened to the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, I have been following this news story since the beginning when the attack happened on 9/11/2012, matter of fact, the Egyptians stormed the U.S Embassy the day before the attack happened in Libya and at the time the video only had at least 300 views even though it has been out since July.

Lets be honest people, Obama is obviously taking the American people to be some type of fools but I sir am not a fool, I will have you know that.

One thing about Obama is he loves to blame everything on Bush and anyone he can point a finger at, but this time he has no one else to blame but this YouTube  video.

Here is what is really pissing me off.

1. Obama still will not use the word terrorist.

2. Obama went to the UN and blamed the attack in Libya all on the movie and apologized to the terrorist who killed 4 Americans.

3. Susan Rice was also going all over the news and even on 5 different shows trying to convince everyone that the attack in Libya was because of this stupid Muslims movie.

4. They spend thousands of tax payers money in Afghanistan and Islamic countries with signs apologizing for the Egyptian/American who made the movie.

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