Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fox News Exposed For Taking The Republican Side

They claim to be a fair and balanced news net work but every reasonable open minded human knows that Fox News has always taken sides with the Republican party, and in this video, someone finally gives it to them like it is, but also look at how quickly the interview ended. Somebody finally hands it to the Fox Network and I bet they are wondering how did this guy slip through with out drinking the Koolaid.

The main issue at hand here is, has Fox News over-hyped the Benghazi, Libya story? or should we face the fact that 4 people were killed in this situation and show a little bit of respect, I mean why else would Fox play the political role in all of this? maybe they will finally drop the story as.

There have been a lot of death of Americans over-seas especially in the military, so there is a possibility that Fox News could have political motivation in this issue here.

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