Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why is Israel Bombing Gaza?

We all know Israel is very powerful compared to Hamas, but honestly, we know if all heads were turned, Israel will wipe out its neighbors out of the face of the Earth, why you may ask? well simply because of different religious ideologies and America is the only one keeping things sane from here, surprisingly.

Countries are now calling for a ceasefire, which at this point, doesn't seem possible. As long as Israel is occupying the Palestinian land with their intimidating soldiers and their weapons the Gaza people will continue to be angered, I know I would be.

It is a shame that America claims Israel has a right to defend itself but yet, Israel is bombing children in Gaza and killing too many civilians and no one has yet tried to speak to Israel in a serious tone of voice. Egypt is having a little show off at the moment, but I doubt they will make a move, if anything, by sending their prime minister, all they were doing is showing off to give hope to the Palestinian people.  Egypt also moved their Ambassador out of Israel but that doesn't mean anything, Egypt expects a lot of help from America.

The only hope Gaza has for help right now is Iran and we all know Israel is waiting for Iran to act violently so they can go to war with Iran. Sudan also motions that they are ready to back Hamas in a war with Israel.

So bottom line is, if the Israel doesn't stop its aggression, the Middle East countries will be forced to act violently in order to defend their brother Hamas, and if that happens America and Nato will also have to step in. Everyone is attempting a second chance at ceasefire, but how long will this last? we will wait to find out.

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